Robert Henson is a Colorado-based meteorologist and science writer. Along with Weather on the Air, he is the author of:

  • The Rough Guide to Climate Change (2006, third edition scheduled for 2011). Finalist for the 2007 UK Royal Society Prize for Science Books.

    “A stunningly good and much-needed book.” —James Lovelock
    “The best book on climate change I’ve read.” —Doyle Rice, USA TODAY

  • The Rough Guide to Weather (2000, second edition 2007)

    “Terrific . . . authoritative, entertaining and fascinating.” —Chicago Tribune
    “A gem.” —New Scientist

Photo of Robert Henson

Bob is a contributing editor to Weatherwise magazine and has written for Nature, Discover, Scientific American, Audubon, Sierra, and many other periodicals.

Bob is also a writer and editor at the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research, which operates the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colorado. He edits the UCAR Magazine and its blog What’s With This Weather?, which connects ongoing weather events with climate trends and research. He also serves as a guest blogger for the Washington Post’s Capital Weather Gang.

A native of Oklahoma City, Bob earned a bachelor’s degree at Rice University and a master’s at the University of Oklahoma, where he participated in severe-storm research.

When he’s not savoring or writing about the weather, Bob enjoys photography, bicycling, movies, yard-puttering, singing, and chocolate.


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