Trading places: the big weathercaster switch of 1980

5 08 2010

This spring, veteran Washington weathercaster Bob Ryan moved from Channel 4 (WRC-TV) to Channel 7 (WJLA-TV).  The move might have seemed like a bombshell to D.C. viewers: after all, Ryan had been at WRC for a full three decades. But his arrival in D.C. back in 1980 was a major event of its own, with implications for both local and national weathercasting. Ryan came onto the Washington scene as part of an unusual job switch with none other than Willard Scott, who was a fixture in the D.C. media world before gaining national fame on NBC’s “Today” show. I’ve blogged about the Scott-Ryan switcheroo here, at the Washington Post’s Capital Weather Gang.




One response

19 12 2010
Bobby Coleman

I remember back in the 70,s when they used too draw the map off by hand
now a days its all done by computer.I think computers are great but I still like
too read the weather summaries and major map feautures and do it by hand
now that is hands on training.

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