It’s out!

15 06 2010

Weather on the Air hits the streets today.  It’s available directly from the American Meteorological Society; booksellers and wholesale distributors can contact The University of Chicago Press.

Hats off to all the weathercasters who made this book possible by simply doing what they do each day. This one’s for you!




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18 09 2010
Greg Duffy

Just got finished reading the book “Weather on the Air” and thought it was a great read and very informative about the changes in the way weather has been communicated through the years. I was born and raised in the Philadelphia area and have been fascinated with the weather from age 5 when the Blizzard of 1983 dumped 21 inches in the area. I was consumed by everything weather after that from watching hours on end of the Weather channel in the 80’s and 90’s. Falling asleep at night listening to my NOAA weather radio in the early 90’s and listening to Elliot Abrams (AccuWeather) for the last 25 years on am radio (KYW 1060 Philly) excited about his morning forecasts. There have been many times where I can watch all 3 major telecasts of local weather forecasts (ABC, CBS, NBC) by knowing exactly what time they start on the evening and late news. I attended Penn State University in the 90’s with the desire to earn a meteorology degree, but circumstances changed and I pursued another field of study. I recently finished Penn State’s on-line 4 course certification in weather forecasting which I enjoyed immensely. The internet has defintely changed the way I consume weather info., and I have been following many blogs the last 5 or so years including which is great for someone who has such a keen interest in Philly weather. Just wanted to say the book was great and I could remember many of the topics discussed! Thanks for the hard work and dedication to putting this book together!

18 09 2010

Thanks, Greg–glad you enjoyed the book!

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